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House And Land Packages in Perth
Starting From $599 Per Week

Perth's largest independent home brokerage!

Your Dream Home.

Starts with Us!

At Perth Home Brokers, we join all the dots to get you in a new home. We start with working out the finances first, and then put a plan in place to suit you.


No matter what your budget is, we are by your side to get your dream home. Our panel of Brokers and their ability to access exclusive lending solutions and a details understanding of Bank Policy we will be able to help you explore and choose the right lender that best suit your situation. We are proudly part of the Australian Home Broker Group. 

Our Builders

Once you qualify for our exclusive House & Land Packages, we will help narrow down the right builder for you from our extensive network of trustworthy builders.

We've Helped Hundreds Of Home Buyers Secure Our House & Land Packages!

At Perth Home Brokers, it’s our priority to get as many people as possible owning a brand new home that they can call their own.

We understand that it can seem like a daunting task accruing massive savings to purchase a house. Thats where our exclusive house and land packages come in handy!

Building Companies

Combined Years Experience

Happy Clients

Exclusive Grants

Nick and I joined the building industry on the same day as Sales reps and I left to become teachers. I have built 2 houses with him and hopefully a few more to come in future. He is the best I know

Christopher Dombrosky

Nitesh and his team got us in our first home. It was not an easy case I had no deposit and a bad credit score due to a phone bill. I thought I had no chance, but Nitesh showed me how it could be done. We followed the plan and it worked! It worked! and we now have our own house I can’t thank him enough we would never have got an hour without him.

Peter McQuin Wellard

Lets hear what some of our clients have to say...

Outstanding land Locations at the best prices!

The most important factor in real estate is a prime location. The demand for the property rises further as a result of a desirable location. Salespeople and builders, on the other hand, tend to focus clients' attention on the features of the property rather than emphasising the significance of location. This limits the buyer's ability to choose the best places. However, with us, you can compare plans and costs from a number of builders, giving you the opportunity to find the ideal location within your means. Our business has a strong network of land developers, which enables us to get access to a variety of land releases.

Get The Best Builder Comparison With Us

It is true that because each builder has different requirements, it can often be difficult to choose the best one. But no longer! Your recommended builders are thoroughly analysed by Perth Home Brokers, who also secures prices that meet your list of requirements. This allows you to contrast options and decide. Additionally, we can demonstrate the benefits of one builder over another so you can select the greatest options available.

Exceptional Finance Services 

In order to provide you with the full range of financial services from several lenders so that you can finally construct your own home, we have partnered with Finance365.

Continuing on with this Perth House Brokers has a partnership with Integrated Finance WA to make sure you receive all the financial support necessary to buy a home. They can help you through the financing procedure and with all of your finance-related needs thanks to their many years of experience. Here, you may find the ideal lender and quickly purchase a home.

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Investment loans

Poor Credit

Repairs & Loans

Investment Loans

Debt consolidation

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