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The Guarantees That Come With Being Perth's Largest Independent Brokerage!

We are grateful to deliver you guarantees that no one else can.

Price Guarantees

Our assistance is completely free, and we guarantee that your new house won't cost you a penny more as a result.

No Extra Cost

Without any markup or modifications, our costs, requirements, and documentation match those utilised by the builders directly.

Total Transparency

Dealing directly with our builders gives us the assurance that you won't find a better offer anywhere, and we'll beat it if you do.

Same or Better Prices

To ensure the best value, secure the builder's current offers or assess the overall cost of the campaign against those of other builders.

Best Value Promotions

Land Guarantees

In a few of estates, we have access to special lots that are not available elsewhere.

Exclusive Lots

Many real estate companies pay salespeople significant referral fees; we convey that money directly to you.

Referral Fees

We have agreements with real estate companies that permit exclusive low- and no-deposit contracts.

Zero Deposit Contracts

With our cost-effective guarantees, you can buy a better estate or get a better lot.

Better Lot & Location

Builder Guarantees

We have no incentive or motivation to steer you away from what is best for you.

UnBiased Service

Get all the information you need with just one enquiry rather than negotiating with many salespeople.

Less Annoyance

Our deposit guarantee is there to support you in your decision regarding the builder.

Builder Selection

Bypass the other 80% of Perth's best-selling homes and look at the top 20% of those built by the city's major homebuilders.

Less Confusion 

Time Saving Guarantees

We offer all of the plans and costs for residences by more than 40 builders and packages in more than 100 land estates in one location.

One Stop Shop

Avoid receiving repeated phone calls and emails from salespeople for days on end, long sales pitches, and display home visits.

Reclaim your spare time

We give you an in-depth evaluation of the builder's inclusions, exclusions, and special offers. You won't need to in that case.

Completed Comparisons

We will put you on the path to homeownership sooner thanks to our distinctive low deposit and no deposit house and land packages.

Move in Sooner

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