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The Perth Home Brokers Builders

At Perth Home Brokers we pride ourselves on our knowledge about West Australian builders, allowing us to get you the best deal.

Our Builders

Once you qualify for our exclusive House & Land Packages, we will help narrow down the right builder for you from our extensive network of trustworthy builders.

Which Way to Select for Your Home?

If you are getting confused about selecting a particular builder, then we have the solutions. Most of the time, several builders show you different facilities that can entice you but make you confused more and more at the same time. But with us, you are only dealing with one person and getting all the advice rather than hundreds of builders and land estates. Moreover, we do not have any significant motive for selling a lot as other sales repetitions have. Our purpose is to deliver you good housing in an excellent location on the exact budget. Your trust and reliability are everything for us.

The Ideal Way Without Hassles

Going Through Many Sales Repetitions 

It is a hopeless and daunting way to select as several salespeople and builders may be approaching you with their own motives of getting profit. Their different policies, prices, and several other things can make you feel exhausted. Sometimes, you may get offers that can make a huge dent in your budget. Therefore, wisely choose which way will work the best for you.

Adding Value to Your Home

We help you in making the ideal decision while picking a builder Finding a builder that can really offer you a good place with realistic pricing is difficult. Sometimes, they attract customers with great prices and beautiful houses but the real cost while moving in it may seem higher than advertised. We assist and guide you so that you will not fall for such tactics.


Our company is the bridge between you and the builder to get you the best property without costing you more. We understand all the inclusions and exclusions of the builder so that you do not have to. Our years of experience can tell you which builder to opt for and which one to avoid. The experience of having a new property varies from builder to builder as the policies, options, and skills differ.


Our extensive network of builders can benefit you to select the one based on your preferences. We ensure that you get your work completed by those who have experience, reputation, reliability, and optimum quality. Your dream for an ideal home is our goal too.

Get the Best Builder Comparison with Us

We can guide you to know your borrowing capacity. Borrowing capacity analysis is necessary, especially when you are willing to purchase a home. After calculating your finances in the budget calculator, then proceed to check whether your overall finance is sufficient for buying a home or not. It is a simple procedure that requires your credit history and overview of liabilities as well as assets that you currently have.

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